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Hashnet Links, a leading telecommunication company based in Toronto, Canada, is the specialized global provider of high-quality international long distance tele- communications services to wholesale carriers and retail customers all around the world. We provide our customers origination and termination for many destinations in the world, offering a high level of service at the most competitive rates. Even though we offer the most aggressive rates in the market, our routing is based on quality. This enables us to offer the best voice quality and a high Answer Seizure Ratio.
Unlimited Calls to Pakistan

Pakistan Unlimited is a very simple service to use. It does not require any additional hardware or software. You’ll only ever notice one difference between using Pakistan Unlimited and the long distance services of your phone line service provider; that difference is in the amount of savings Pakistan Unlimited will provide you with

The above diagrame explains step-by-step how Pakistan Unlimited connects you with your loved ones.

4 Steps to Get this Service

1) You provide us one World Call number in Pakistan.

2) We will provide you your own Local Number in Canada/USA/UK or      anywhere  you live in the world

c) You dial that local number from any number at any time and the call      will go to the one World Call number to talk unlimited.

d) The voice quality is crystal clear and the talk time is unlimited.

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